Lavazza: The Breakfast Hub

  • Riccardo Bonetti

Brief Create innovative and engaging video contents tailored to the GEN Z target. Increase traffic to the Lavazza YouTube channel and turn it from a repository to a broadcaster channel. Idea Involve a content creator to tell about a travel across 4 countries, different in culture and culinary traditions, in order to unveil the origins of each local breakfast. Talent Luis Sal, 22-years-old, one of the most famous Italian YouTubers. Executions Luis narrated the entire experience through a video-documentary series composed of 4 different episodes, published on Lavazza’s YT channels. Results 17mil impressions, 1mil organic views, 47% under 24 y.o. viewers, 99% positive sentiment Thanks to the talent involved, almost half of the total amount of views was generated from 18-24 years old users. A remarkable increase, if we compared this value with the preview amount that was around 6%.