• Vura Applied Design
The proposal of this identity plays with architectural elements that are present in the construction of Lazareti, the first quarantine in the world. The arches that are doors and windows now become part of the identity. 
Yellow symbolically invite the quests to come and experience the contents placed inside of Lazareti. In the old days, a yellow flag meant that the ships and crews are infected by the disease. Today, the yellow flag means quite the opposite. So this identity follows the same principle - Lazareti are now safe to visit.
The sign has a dynamic nature and can be used in different sizes and combinations and quantities repetitively. It is also a frame for the illustrative elements which means that any type of photograph or illustration can be placed inside of it providing the visual to communicate but at the same time giving it that recognisable element of visual identity. This provides that by the time the public will immediately know what is the subject without even reading Lazareti name.