LCF x Westfield Stratford - MAZE - Fashion Marketing Development Project

  • Hayden Woodley-Gibson

In Year 2, Term 3 at the London College of Fashion, Westfield presented us second years with a live brief to create a financially sustainable and mutually beneficial concept which would generate PR for both Westfield Stratford and LCF. The task was encapsulated by the phrase "Make LCF famous at Westfield", in preparation for LCF's move to Stratford, East London in 2020. As a team of 3, we created 'MAZE' - an immersive digitally orientated ‘maze-like’ experience for the general public, that takes the public through a historical timeline of British fashion, concluding with fashions' potential future and the prospects of a career in fashion, through LCF. The purpose of the interactive activity was to inform the public about the courses LCF offers as well as the exciting potential of a career in fashion. This purpose was alongside conveying Westfield as a dedicated supporter and partner of one of Britain’s largest industries, whilst highlighting Westfields' Corporate Social Responsibility - painting Westfield as a "giver" rather than a "taker" to the communities in which they operate.