Leasing Options: why lease?

  • Alex Lester
Vehicle leasing isn't the most glamorous of topics, and trying to explain the ins and outs of the process isn't easy. For Leasing Options, this issue posed something of a challenge, and we were tasked to come up with a solution that not only explained the basics of vehicle leasing, but kept the reader engaged throughout the user-journey too.

There were a number of options available to us, but in the end we decided that a collaborative approach would offer the best solution. We utilised several skill sets within the studio, including copy, animation, video and design, and as a result, we created the 'What is Leasing' page on the Leasing Options site.

Featuring contemporary designs, simple animations and short, sharp bursts of copy, we were able to translate the basics of leasing into a fun, informative page. Not only does the page feature a unique set of keywords that target a particular search opportunity, it also proves the theory that content marketing doesn't have to focus on words, and words alone.