LEGO Rebuild the World - Setting Future Foundations

  • Prem Desai

Engineering is a crucial discipline, affecting all aspects of life. However, 75.5% of secondary school students don’t know what engineers do. The government has already invested over £7 million into career education, yet it hardly scratches the surface of what’s needed to help young people carve out a career path. At LEGO, we see this as an opportunity to rebuild the world by laying the foundation for the future generation. With the support of AR technology, LEGO are hosting a ‘build a bridge’ competition nationwide to encourage ‘building with a purpose’ through visual learning and teamwork in schools.' This was a concept idea submitted towards a D&AD award brief for LEGO, exploring a method to 'Rebuild teenage creativity'. The page covers campaigning methods, advertisement of idea and the use of Augmented Reality as the main feature point.