LEGO, Vivienne Westwood and a German general: talking creative nudges with author Kev Chesters

  • Mike Piggott

In this first instalment of MediaCat Magazine’s new podcast, our Editor Mike Piggott spoke to the co-owner and strategy partner at Harbour Collective and co-author of the book, The Creative Nudge, Kev Chesters, about a great many things to do with creativity, and how it can make a difference in all our lives. Amongst other things, they discussed LEGO, Pixar, Vivienne Westwood and a German general. As well as looking at how there’s creativity in all of us, and how some aspects of creativity boomed during covid, like Open University courses greatly increasing. The Creative Nudge is available to buy on Amazon, Waterstones, Hachette, and other places you get your books. We recommend picking up a copy.