Lend Me Your Eyes: A Newsletter

  • Indira Birnie

As a person who spends a lot of time on the internet, and a person who spends a lot of time reading things I find on the internet and then boring friends and colleagues with the aforementioned things I've learned on the internet, it felt like a sensible idea to start a newsletter to capture all this moderately interesting stuff in one place. In 2015, as Tinyletter newsletters started popping up all over the place, I joined in and started my once-weekly but now somewhat irregular newsletter. Over the years it's morphed from a collection of unconnected articles into themed editions on a particular topic. The ethos of my photography work boils down to noticing more and, particularly, noticing the beauty of ordinary and overlooked things. Nowadays, this newsletter channels the same spirit of noticing more, in all aspects of the phrase. If that sounds tempting, you can sign up at http://tinyletter.com/lendmeyoureyes

Photo by me, 2020.