Let’s Jameson-ise Italy. Jameson. Bartenders. Places.

  • Antonia Conte
The main idea behind the video was born because I wanted to find a way to connect Jameson with the Italian territory through Jameson advocates, discovering neighbourhoods in Italy’s most prominent cities. In each neighbourhood we re-discovered typical places/bars that also represent Jameson touchpoints which are artistic outlets: vintage shops, music shops, Jameson LEB. The idea of the video-enabled me: To strengthen relationships with bartenders. I chose three bartenders I’ve been working with in the past year to be part of the video and volunteered to be part of the video-sharing also their perspective. Two of them were part of the Jameson SINE METU Squad, one is the winner of the JBH Italian competition 2019. To create a link between Jameson and the Italian culture represented by the people who live in these neighbourhoods. In Italy, neighbourhoods represent a ‘community within the city’ Neighborhoods were selected according to their similarities to the Jameson brand. To scout new potential outlets in each neighbourhood to involve them in the video with the hope to fully integrate the Jameson values.
OBJECTIVE(S) - Connect with the L.A.D.S. in their own familiar settings inspiring them with new ways of experiencing their neighbourhood. - Continue to maintain the relationship with bartenders who have an affinity with Jameson and want to voice their Jameson side of the story. - To fully integrate Jameson within the true Italian neighbourhood culture. Results - YOUTUBE Oct/Mid November: VTR:52% Estimated views: 1.306.800/ Impressions: 3.824.222/ Views delivered: 1.986.699 / Click: 5.687 All the teaser videos reached more than 100k views on YouTube - SOCIAL MEDIA SEPT/OCT: 656.257 Tot views / 1.432.859 tot impressions / 9.779 Interactions / 13.136 clicks Milan: 4.811 clicks/ 128.121 reach Naples : 3.937 clicks/ 163.200 reach Rome: 1.678 clicks/ 103.804 reach Budget Spent: 4.2k.

Check the videos on Jameson Italia official YouTube page.