Lex Amor x Project Karnak - Plant Your Feet (Live)

  • Haja Fanta
  • barbara premo
  • Jade Adeyemi

Live from St Johns at Hoxton Church. Taken from MCQ's ALBION collection launch film - featuring Lex Amor and Project Karnak. Credits: Director - Louis Lincoln-Bottcher DOP - Jan Vrhovnik Creative Direction - Lex Amor Set Design - Jade Adeyemi Producer - Marisa Lee at Family Creative Steadicam - Jed Darlington-Roberts ACs - Gabriel + Robin Niedojadlo 2nd AC / DIT - Ben Holmes Sound Production - Matthew Daly Mix Engineer - Lex Amor Art Assistants - Lily Soede, Jamie Antin and Maria Gedike Photography - Barbara Premo Creative Support - Haja Fanta Special thanks to Nathan van Sittert and Reverend Graham Hunter at St Johns at Hoxton Church.


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