LGBTStory Zine

  • Olga Ollie Bartolowicz

LGBTStory Zine is a project carried out by a group of artists, writers and history fans to make LGBT more visible and reinvent the historical tales of real people, kings, writers, artists or even fictional characters. Historians very rarerly cover the aspect of sexuality when it comes to LGBT and that’s why this zine was created. It is not certified historical knowledge. It is a take on various characters and exploration of LGBT community over different times in the history of Poland.  My contribution to the zine was the cover and an illustration.

The cover depicts a famous Polish author Juliusz Słowacki and the artwork itself is inspired by J. C. Leyendecker’s Spring, a cover for The Saturday Evening Post, May 30, 1929
The illustration presents Henryk Walezy, French king from 1574 and King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the years 1573-1575. He was bisexual, hence he got a place in this zine