Life After Winter

  • Sara Palomarr
This is a solo Semi-Autobiographical performance about suicide. This performance plays with who I am as a person and as an artist; and how to live both lives pretending to be somebody else. This performance involves very dark humour. It responses to: homosexuality, depression, bullying and prostitution. The devising process of this performance starts as an adaptation of a play called “Prohibido Suicidarse en Primavera” (Forbidden Suicide in Spring) by Alejandro Casona. The story is fragmented, at times it does not make sense but I am not dead yet, so lets make a toast to freedom! Influenced from Goat Island, Gameshow and Adrian Howells.
This is an interactive performance, the audience is expected at some point to stand up for few minutes and become part of the piece. My idea as an experimental artist is to be extremely generous with the audience and make of the space somewhere they can be very close to me. Before the audience come into the room, they are given a mask, but they are not expected to use it through the whole performance, but become themselves by the end of Life After Winter.
This performance involves nudity, strong language and disturbing images.