Sara Palomarr

Sara Palomarr

Comic/creator/producerEdinburgh, United Kingdom
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Sara Palomarr

Sara Palomarr

Comic/creator/producerEdinburgh, United Kingdom
About me
I am a responsible, creative and adaptable individual seeking the opportunity for a new challenge. Based in Edinburgh, but open to travel. I am graduate in Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies. I write my own work, I’m a comedian and a producer for Funny Women (Edinburgh). Back in 2011-14, when I was a student. My work was influenced by Goat Island, Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio and Adrian Howell. I love to read and watch performances to stimulate my senses. So far, I have written a play, performance called Life After Winter and short comedy gigs. I have performed in London at the RVT, Croydon, Leeds Beckett University (Leeds), Miguel Pereira (Rio-Brazil) up to 2016. From 2018, Summerhall, Monkey Barrel Comedy, The Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh; The Old Hairdrasser and Just Below Two- Mango in Glasgow. I have collaborated with companies such as Duckie, People Show and GetInTheBackOfTheVan. I am a recurrent act at Peter Pancakes (alternative night comedy -monthly event), as well as being a volunteer representative of Funny Women Edinburgh, in charge of running Time Of The Month (TOTM). When making a performance, I like to play with genre and traditional customs. I use humour in my gestures, knowingness in improvising and I try to be generous with the audience. With my work I try to sort of embrace around the audience, a form of good manners. It is an elegant thing, a powerful thing, a risk-taking thing. I believe that it is much easier and less grand to abuse the audience, that is why my main focus is generosity. I rather set up a very hard-hitting performance, very dark, very hard but still with an extreme generosity. I learn new skills very quickly and I am able to rely upon my own initiative in any environment I enter; I always place emphasis on having fun through working as an individual or as part of a team. I would like to channel these skills and my vibrant personality for the purpose of understanding and benefiting people in need of help.
  • The Daft Duo!
    The Daft Duo!2020 difficult year for all... as a comic, I had to adapt to not being able to perform live... so here it's my most recent project. Funny Silly Videos!!
  • Intro to Comedy
    Intro to ComedyI am Sara, a non-binary Colombian, based in Edinburgh. I am a comedian and chapter leader (regional producer) in Scotland for Funny Women (non-profit, feminist organisation). I work on inclusiveness and I am trying to open up the comedy industry and create alliance between communities. As a first project, I am running a FREE online comedy course called: Intro to Comedy! We have 2 amazing facilitators (Saras Feijoo & Mara Joy). It started on Monday 23rd December, but you can still join us!
  • TOTM: Edinburgh Alternative Interviews
    TOTM: Edinburgh Alternative Interviews
  • Erika's Life
    Erika's Life
  • Happy Birthday RVT
    Happy Birthday RVTThis was part of an open call for all type of artist to participate in a project run by Duckie at the BAC (Battersea Art Centre). The project is called "Duckie Summer School" and it was mainly to celebrate the 150 years of foundation of the RVT. This show was a stand-up comedy that explore gender and sexuality. I still in touch with the company and I have gigs with them coming up in May and June.
  • Life After Winter
    Life After WinterThis is a solo Semi-Autobiographical performance about suicide. This performance plays with who I am as a person and as an artist; and how to live both lives pretending to be somebody else. This performance involves very dark humour. It responses to: homosexuality, depression, bullying and prostitution. The devising process of this performance starts as an adaptation of a play called “Prohibido Suicidarse en Primavera” (Forbidden Suicide in Spring) by Alejandro Casona. The story is fragmented, at times it does not make sense but I am not dead yet, so lets make a toast to freedom! Influenced from Goat Island, Gameshow and Adrian Howells. This is an interactive performance, the audience is expected at some point to stand up for few minutes and become part of the piece. My idea as an experimental artist is to be extremely generous with the audience and make of the space somewhere they can be very close to me. Before the audience come into the room, they are given a mask, but they are not expected to use it through the whole performance, but become themselves by the end of Life After Winter. This performance involves nudity, strong language and disturbing images.
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    Drama, Theatre Performance Studies
    I graduated with a 2.1