Intro to Comedy

  • Sara Palomarr

I am Sara, a non-binary Colombian, based in Edinburgh. I am a comedian and chapter leader (regional producer) in Scotland for Funny Women (non-profit, feminist organisation). I work on inclusiveness and I am trying to open up the comedy industry and create alliance between communities. As a first project, I am running a FREE online comedy course called: Intro to Comedy! We have 2 amazing facilitators (Saras Feijoo & Mara Joy). It started on Monday 23rd December, but you can still join us! I assure you, this is a safe space and my main interest it’s for all of you, to increase your self confidence and learn the basics of comedy. The idea with this course it’s that you learn to express what you cannot say (whatever it is...) through comedy. The course will run Monday to Friday from 7:15pm to 8:45pm. It will end next week Friday 4th December. On zoom. On the last day we have an optional showcase (nobody will be asked to do anything they don’t want to do), but it would be great if we help you enough for you to have a 2 minutes slot. All participants get free tickets and priority to be part of the line up of Alternative Interviews (a monthly comedy night- online) under the umbrella of Funny Women (every last Thursday of the month from January 2021), hosted by me (yours truly). If you would like to find out more, please DM me or send an email to To have a sense of what it is, come along tonight. If you would like to continue and attend to the rest of the course, just let me know. Please send an email and I'll send you the zoom link. PLEASE NOTE **comedy is different from person to person. What one find funny, other might not. We are respectful to each other and only give positive feedback** You don’t need to have any experience to participate � Thank you for reading, I hope I get to meet you ��❤️