Life Unscripted: Movies and Your Mental Health

  • Cherie Waugh

With mental illness being incredibly prevalent in society, this project aims to introduce people to cinematherapy: a psychologically effective way to use film to aid your mental health. The book combines editorial print and interactive AR features to provide the reader with an easy and enjoyable guide to contemporary films that deal with difficult issues they may be facing in their lives. An even balance of informative, entertaining and comforting, Life Unscripted caters to those who want to try a less intimidating form of self-therapy from the comfort of their own sofas! - Life Unscripted is a fun and easy guide to contemporary cinema and introduces the mind to cinematherapy, a new way of using film to benefit your life. With every chapter, a new set of contemporary films to help you through life's’ issues and stresses, comforting and advising you on ways to cope and providing support along the way. Seek comfort, joy and reassurance from some of the best that cinema has to offer through a unique digital experience. The book appeals to a large audience of young adults looking for a new way of exploring film and their mental health. The immersive digital features allow the reader to have a greater understanding of the themes within the films and the topics as a whole. The brief I constructed detailed that the project should focus on how cinematherapy can be used to help people’s mental health. I planned on creating a publication with interactive digital features to enhance the experience and add understanding to the topics and films discussed. I created an easy-to-read guide to contemporary cinema and cinematherapy collating 36 films concerning a range of 9 topics that are concerns and stresses for the target audience. Working with Margot Escott, a licensed psychotherapist with over 35 years of experience, I received expert advice on my book from a professional in her field. The resources available in the book and the website allow a reader to seek the professional help they may require in addition to the support in the book.

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