Light+Nine — Back to School Campaign

  • Abigail Baldwin

Buttercrumble's support through art direction, campaign design and illustration has helped Light+Nine, a NY-based children’s accessory brand, approach an evolving European market.

Above: Campaign Booklet

Buttercrumble became Light+Nine's Brand Guardians and continue to support this New York based brand.
Buttercrumble designed a series of campaign and photography guides for Light+Nine to support with art direction. We also created a new set of Nimick patches for their Back to School collection with packaging design.

What is Light+Nine?

"Light+Nine has made cotton candy clouds pale in comparison to the sweet designs and ergonomic bags that make wearables playful. Featuring an expanded line of slides, purses, clutches and cosmetic pouches, they truly want to be where every prince or princess goes. No matter which contents they fill their products with, they’re guaranteed to be filled with super cool fun and super light vibes".
The nimick patches were designed with self-expression in mind. Children were able to select a character they most closely related to.
Buttercrumble's support through art direction and product design has helped the New York based children brand to approach an evolving European market.