Lindblad Expeditions

Lindblad Expeditions is a leading, luxury adventure cruise company that provides trips to breathtaking destinations around the world, where guests can learn first hand about nature, photography, sustainability and history from National Geographic experts, whilst staying on some of the most modern, intimate and luxurious cruise ships on the planet. Matter Of Form partnered with the Expeditions team to deliver a fully integrated programme of content, user experience and design to maintain their position as leaders in high end exploration and adventure cruising. The new, exceptionally-crafted website captures the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities Expeditions’ guests get to experience whilst on board. The refreshed customer journey starts their adventure from the moment they begin to explore the website - sparking wanderlust and anticipation.

These trips are not for the faint hearted -- but for those wanting to witness the wonders of the world in all their glory, first-hand.

From experiencing the magic of Galapagos to exploring the unparalleled beauty of New Zealand, their trips come to life through unfurling storytelling modules complimented by breathtaking visuals. The site showcases the company’s impressive destination offerings, exhilarating wildlife experiences and their first-rate expedition leaders.