• Gianluca Trezzini
  • Yves Marty
  • Emil Maeder

Together with Hotz'n'plotz and the theater Tägg en Amsle, MARTY/TREZZINI produced three Easter videos for families to enjoy from the comfort of their home. The videos are all about the Lindt Maître Chocolatier and his inventor apprentices Choc and Chocoletta. Like every year, the Maître has his hands full at Easter to make sure that all the Lindt Gold Bunnies are ready. That's why he turns to Choc and Chocoletta with the task of letting off steam creatively with various craft ideas and discovering new things. Full of zest for action, the two crazy inventors get to work and come up with great craft ideas for young and old: Decorate the Lindt Gold Bunny, make a colorful Easter nest and design a tricky treasure map for the big Easter hunt. In the videos, Choc and Chocoletta guide you through the various steps so that families can join in the crafting at home. The final results are impressive - even the Lindt Maîter Chocolatier is impressed!

Client: Lindt
Concept: Lindt Hotz'n'plotz & Theater Tägg en Amsle
Overhead lighting: Oliver Muff
Set Design: Natalie Fitzgerald
Media: Online, Social

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