Listen Up!

  • Alysha Ali
  • Mariel Richards

gal-dem teamed up with Jacaranda and Audible to bring you ‘Listen up’ an audiobook club celebrating new Black Authors. As part of Jacaranda’s Twentyin2020, which saw the publisher releasing 20 new books written by Black authors throughout 2020. Spanning over four months we developed an audio bookclub in which we created a space for a people to listen in, discuss, and learn from some of the most exciting new talent on the scene. Hosted by journalists and gal-dem editors, Kemi Alemoru, Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff, Niellah Arboine and Black Girls Bookclub founders, Melissa Quarry-Cumings and Natalie A. Carter. These monthly zoom events, which journeyed through the breadth of Black British literature within an intimate, small and safe space, attendees applied for participation with only 25 being selected.

As part of this partnership, we worked on editorial content to live on