Living Windows - Website Development, 2020/21

  • Derek Hamilton

Working with Living Windows to strategise, plan and develop their new mobile-friendly website.

Living Windows was founded in 2018 with the goal of making gardening easier and more accessible for everyone. They specialise in quality but affordable gardening services, window boxes, planters, and garden design that can either be off the peg or tailored to clients unique needs!

I worked as E-Commerce and Operations Manager to strategise, plan and develop the brands new website. They needed a platform which could integrate to their social media channels on Instagram and Facebook and allow customers to shop and access services in a holistic and integrated way.

Utilising the Shopify platform, I developed a mobile-friendly website that was modern, fresh, bright and on brand. It is SEO compliant, integrates with Google and works seamlessly with Instagram and Facebook. Allowing customers to purchase through social media, or directly through the website. Since development the business has seen a 95% increase in web traffic and higher conversion rates.