Livity Presents Mixtape | Livity | eurobest 2017

  • Alex Goat
  • Katy Woodrow Hill
With Gen Z knowingly tuning off from traditional marketing and a disrupted music industry experimenting with different business models, both sides are borrowing cultural currency from each other. But there’s no clear formula for success. In particular, it’s all too easy for a brand to try to appropriate ‘cool’ or steal relevance from an artist or scene, and not make a credible or positive contribution to the culture they came from. We look at collaborations between brands and artists and how, as a story-led and emotive medium, music has become one of the most important but high-risk cultural platforms for brands.


Alex Goat, CEO Livity


Toyboy & Robin, Music Group
Tara Joshi, Journalist, Freelance
Kevin McFadyen, Head of Brand Communications at Nando's UK, Nando's
Ben Saul-Garner, Co-Founder at Attachment London, Attachment


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