Loch An Eilein Brewers

  • Darryl Gray

A concept for a new brewery based within the Rothiemurchus Forest near Aviemore, Scotland. The purpose of the craft beer is to help preserve the Caledonian Forest which surrounds Loch an Eilein. Teaming up with The Scottish Wildlife Trust so for every beer purchased, the brewery will try and rescue the biodiversity within the Caledonian Forests by giving a home to an endangered species to help save them or by planting a tree within the area.

Each flavour encapsulates a specific endangered species within the Caledonian Forest’s ecosystem. The simple design of the beer is to highlight the promise made by the brand is more important than the beer itself.
By using biodegradable bottles, recycleable labels and cardboard. The brewery takes every caution to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Consumers will receive a minor cash sum if they return their glass bottles to participating stores for recycling. This initiative will give people more motivation to be conscious about the environment.