Loewe - An Otter's Tale

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LOEWE CHRISTMAS Film by Nina Gantz

Nina Gantz has come together with LOEWE in a special collaboration for the brand's William De Morgan Christmas Capsule collection.
A small but skilled team of creative talent came together this summer to create this visual feast.
Nina had the idea to build everything in fabric including sets and props to reflect the world of Loewe's brand. Gordon Allen & team created a tapestry, trees, hills, thousands of hand stitched leaves and much, much more to build the separate and distinctive environments that the camera continuously tracks through, before following the otter back into the William de Morgan's decorative masterpiece at Leighton House.
I shot the Leighton House shots before the studio shoot to provide the passes needed to set up the stop frame elements. By carefully matching lens height and distance, focal length and lighting, we created the elements required for VFX to comp the otter's journey together. No track or dolly was allowed at the location due to to it's unique and delicate condition so I contacted Jon Kassel who utilised the Arri Trinity rig to provide the camera moves. Shots were picked up with the Volo motion control rig at Clapham Road Studios operated by the legendary Stuart Galloway.  Everything else was animated in stop frame by the prodigiously talented Steve Warne, Andy Biddle & Adam M Watts. Well done Sirs!
Production: Blinkink Director: Nina Gantz Executive Producer: Bart Yates Producer: Janet Smith Production Manager: Jack Bingham Animators: Steve Warne, Andy Biddle, Adam M Watts Animation Rigger: Robin Jackson Art Director / Production Designer: Gordon Allen Assistant Art Director: Jasmine Nixon Needleworker: Eden Allen Puppet Maker: Josie Corben Assistant Puppet Maker: Isobel Irwin Tapestry Maker: Rose Popham Set Maker: Solomon Yossel Set Dresser: Brin Frost Model Maker: Sarah Crombie, Rachael Lloyd Scenic and Model Painter: Richard Davidson Animation replacements: Loes Luca VFX Supervisor: Quentin Vien Post Production Manager: Rosanna Morley Compositors: Emre Samioglu, Turker Tuncer DoP: Malcolm Hadley 1st AD: Rory Shaw Location Manager: Ross Kirkman Focus Puller: Toby Goodyear Steadycam / Arri Trinity: Jon Kassell  Gaffer: Tim O’Connell Electricians: Jonathan Woodard, Billy Boston, Robin Brigham DIT: Nat Valente CCTV: Ewan Macfarlan Making of: Joe Eckworth Treatment: Marina Freeman Treatment Producer: Joe Byrne Grade: Simona Cristea (Coffee & TV) Composer: Terence Dunn Choir Director: James Morgan Pochin Music Productions Choir: The Brighton Festival Chorus
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