Long Distance Dinner party

  • Sophie Williams

Social Distancing. Together - What? Each week on my Instagram (@sophiewilliamsofficial) I’ll give two options for simple meals, made from store cupboard staple ingredients that should be easy to get hold of, and last well. You’ll vote for the one you want. Voting takes place on Tuesdays, the winner is decided on Wednesdays and the dinner will be cooked the following Thursday, to give you a chance to prepare. I’ll post a recipe for the winning meal here, and we’ll have a week to get the ingredients ready. I’ll be sure to say which ingredients are essentials, and which are just nice to have. On Thursdays at 6.30 GMT we all get together and cook along, and when we’re done we stay and eat together and talk. - Why? Cooking with and for people is an act of love. The conversations that we have, and the communities that we build, when we break bread together are important parts of our lives. Some friends and loved ones face a long period of self-isolation, and we all need to social distance for a time. For those who are self isolating, 12 weeks is a long time to be alone, and a long time to keep up the motivation to cook something each day. Long Distance Dinner Parties allow us to be socially responsible, whilst having a shared experience of cooking and eating together. - When? First dinner party will be Thursday 26th March, then hopefully weekly after that! - How do I get involved? The best place to start is by following me on @sophiewilliamsofficial on Instagram – if the community grows beyond that, we’ll make a new home for it. <3