Sophie Williams

Sophie Williams

Founder - Blanket Fort. Senior Marketing Manager & ProducerLondon, United Kingdom
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Sophie Williams

Sophie Williams

Founder - Blanket Fort. Senior Marketing Manager & ProducerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am a talented Video, stills and social Producer. In the last few months, having going freelance I have been lucky enough to work on several Netflix projects including, the Crown, Sex Education and The End of the F***ing World as a Video and Social Producer and Senior Marketing Manager. Before becoming COO, and then founding my own business, I was a Creative Producer, specialising in stills and video shoots - accustomed to working with a variety of budgets sizes, and tight turn arounds to create extremely high quality work that surpasses client expectations and engages consumers. I advocate for POC and feminist work in all I do.
  • Millennial Black - the Book
    Millennial Black - the BookWriting this book over that last 18 months has been an incredible experience and has taught me so much, and I hope it allows us to continue to have conversations and grow together. Please hear me loud and clear when I say this book is not just for black womxn. Millennial Black *is* for black womxn, but it’s *also* for allies, fans, supporters, and people who believe in anti-racism and levelling the playing field for everyone in their professional lives. It's especially for anyone who runs a bu
  • Millennial Black Charity web shop
    Millennial Black Charity web shopAfter my following on @OfficialMillennialBlack grew on Instagram, I wanted to seize the moment to make the most good I could. I reached out to Awesome Merchandise to see if they could help me with setting up a webshop, and fulfilling the orders, with 100% of the profits being transparently donated to racial justice charities at the end of July 2020. Not only could they help me, but in less than 48 hours we had a shop up and running and orders being placed. https://millennialblack.limitedrun.c
  • UK Civil Service Anti Racism Session
    UK Civil Service Anti Racism SessionFollowing on from the anti-racist information I have been posting on my @OfficialMillennialBlack Instagram account, I was invited by the Ministry of Housing, Communications and Local Government to run a session for Civil Servants and Government workers about Diversity, Inclusion and Allyship in the workplace. With an audience of 700 people, we talked about the Intersectionality, why a colourblind one size fits all approach doesn't work, and how the gender pay gap becomes an even worse story
  • Anti-Racist Allyship
    Anti-Racist AllyshipFollowing on from my work on my @OfficialMillennialblack Instagram account I reached out to Jack Agency to explore the possibility of a collaboration to put anti-rasict messaging out into the world - or the streets of London at least. Less than a week later, with the help from the wonderful designer Rebecca Petts Davies who took on the task of turning digital files into print ready files at a moment's notice, the anti-racist message is proudly displayed in Hackney Wick and Stamford Hill.
  • Long Distance Dinner party
    Long Distance Dinner partySocial Distancing. Together - What? Each week on my Instagram (@sophiewilliamsofficial) I’ll give two options for simple meals, made from store cupboard staple ingredients that should be easy to get hold of, and last well. You’ll vote for the one you want. Voting takes place on Tuesdays, the winner is decided on Wednesdays and the dinner will be cooked the following Thursday, to give you a chance to prepare. I’ll post a recipe for the winning meal here, and we’ll have a week to get the ingre
  • Millennial Black
    Millennial BlackPublishing in April 2021 Millennial Black is a toolkit and manifesto for working black womxn. Millennial Black looks at how intersectional identities shape our experience of the working world, and offers techniques to overcome bias and discrimination. Millennial Black doesn't put the burden of change on black womxn's shoulders - it recognises the systemic issues apparent in businesses and advises businesses on overcoming them and unlocking the wealth of talent that is all too often overlooked.
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Projects credited in
  • Forever a Parent - Legal & General
    Forever a Parent - Legal & General
  • Legal & General - Bump in the Night
    Legal & General - Bump in the Night
  • Legal & General
    Legal & GeneralWe're here for you According to the NHS “It’s common for pre-school children to develop specific fears or phobias... and common fears in early childhood include animals, heights, water, blood, and the dark”, and Legal and General wanted to acknowledge the strong desire for parents to protect their children from these things, whilst also providing a practical guide to help.Asking young children “How does your family make you feel safe?” or “What do your parents do that makes you feel happy?” the
Work history
    DirectorBlanket Fort Ltd
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    I set up my own company to provide Social Marketing and Advertising Production to my clients, as well as leadership and management consulting. So far I have been lucky enough to work with Netflix on a range of global and UK based projects.
    Co-FounderCulture Heroes
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Launching soon! Culture Heroes is a UK based non-profit initiative that seeks to create more diversity in leadership across the creative industries - Co-Founded alongside two of the Founders from We Are Stripes. Our mission is to create and support the next generation of BAME leadership by engaging with talent with over 2 years of experience to help them unlock the next level in their careers. We aim to reduce churn and improve retention across the creative industries of Advertising, Design, Technology.
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    BA(Hons) Theatre and PerformanceUniversity of Leeds
     - Leeds, United Kingdom