Millennial Black - the Book

  • Sophie Williams

Writing this book over that last 18 months has been an incredible experience and has taught me so much, and I hope it allows us to continue to have conversations and grow together. Please hear me loud and clear when I say this book is not just for black womxn. Millennial Black *is* for black womxn, but it’s *also* for allies, fans, supporters, and people who believe in anti-racism and levelling the playing field for everyone in their professional lives. It's especially for anyone who runs a business that they’re hoping will continue to be successful in an anti-racist world where customers are talking with their money, and being more conscientious about the brands that they want to engage with and buy from. This book will not say ‘black womxn, here are the things that you have to do, or change, or be, in order to be successful.’ because black womxn no longer expect to work for organisations where we are forced to fold ourselves in half, or to have to adapt and contort ourselves into workplaces and structures that had never had us in mind when they were built. Instead, Millennial Black helps us all to better understand the hurdles and roadblocks that black womxn face in their careers and lives, from intersectional invisibility to misogynoir, and gives all of us the roadmap and tools to navigate to a happier, fairer future. Together.

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