Long Live Confusion

  • Sarah Price
  • elizabeth marshall

The world of online insurance comparison websites is crowded, crazy and full of memorable mascots. Despite being a pioneer in the field, Confused.com has become lost and confusing along the way. ​​ ​Confusion has a lot of negative connotations. And yet it’s not always a bad thing: people pay for the pleasure of being mystified by magicians and illusionists. They relax in their evenings with puzzles. They love being bamboozled by stunts and tricks they can hardly believe on TV and YouTube. So, confusion can be a good thing – but never confusion about insurance. ​ ​Confused.com doesn’t have the power to get rid of all of the confusion in the world, but it can help with the worst one – insurance. Through the campaign, we could make the connotations of confusion great again. This was a large-scale campaign, so executions included print, social, and a video and Out Of Home solution, both of which you can find below.

OOH Inspiration
In what are usually stagnant locations like a train station, we would pose a man working for Confused.com.
At the end of the confusing events, a sign would drop – There’s better things to be confused about than insurance. Long Live Confusion.
We didn't quite have enough time, people or budget on hand to actually generate a confusing scene for our OOH idea, so here we have an example similar to what we plan, although our emphasis will of course not be on the drama, but on the confusion.

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