Loop App

  • Tevin Akinyemi
  • Rebekah Ramdass
  • Montel Vernege

Loop App is a platform where you can create a range of different events all from your smartphone device. In under 1 minute, you can gather people together and create events such as hosting a party, catching up with friends over coffee, and meeting up for group study sessions. At Loop, we know handling parties can sometimes be a hassle. That's why our A.I co-host, 'Airis' handles everything! 'Airis' handles everything from sending invites, cost splitting, calendar syncing and directions. Predominantly focusing on the onboarding process of the app, I really wanted to bring to life the sense of community. I wanted it to be the first thing users see when they open Loop. I wanted to enforce the brand message which is centered around building meaningful friendships in real life and not necessarily over social media. Website here: https://www.loop.party/ Loop app is available to download here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details id=party.loop.photon&hl=en_GB