LoveWall for VisitBritain

  • Christopher Tough
  • Sophie Knott
  • Agostina Ciccone

Discover most loved Britain's trasures

Brand42 and VisitBritain had a long relationship and we have been working on more than a few projects with them. LoveWall was born to let people from anywhere in the world to tell us what they love about UK or just simply help them discovering Britain’s most popular places and traditions.
B42's concept for the LoveWall was to create a fully responsive website that would make Britain’s locations, things to do and culture easily accessible. The website USP is that the users, browsing around the website, can declare their love for what they particularly like. These loves get collected and displayed so that everyone can see what are the most liked things in Britain.
As a designer I've been part of the project from phase 2 and my role was mainly to react to the feedback that we collected from users in phase 1 by cleaning the design interactions and simplifying the user experience across platforms.
I also improved interactivity and the user journey for the interactive map that allows to plan a trip, getting to know distances between places and hotels around the area of interest. The greatest challenge for me was to improve the mobile experience, translating a desktop-first built website in an as-good-as mobile one.
Another key feature of the LoveWall platform is that it can host bespoke campaigns to promote specific events and promotions that VisitBritain wants to run internationally. Paddington’s movie and 007 Skyfall are just a few examples of campaigns that have been showcased here

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