Lucozade Zero Love Island - A Peng Refresh

  • Aaron Scoones
  • Shaughnessy McNamara
  • Graham Cousins

To update the Lucozade Zero Love Island campaign for 2019, a new design, a new messaging and a new TVC edit were required. This is where I came in. The TVC re-edit was the first thing to look at. It had to be cut down from 30secs to 20secs and the client wanted the music changed too. I wrote the edit brief, music brief (tune by Small Press Music) and grading brief, and working closely with ITV Studios, came up with this:

Next up was the supporting OOH campaign, which required new designs and messaging, as it felt the previous year's effort was landing the functional benefits of the product. Working with designers Silv Leal and Gray Cousins and communications strategist Rebecca Pike, below is where we came to. The photoshoot was carried out by leading drinks photographer Phil Sills and required professional hand models. I oversaw the production side of the shoot and was involved in the art direction too.