Luna - Night time navigation and safety app for 'Smart Cities'.

  • Robert Chapman
Luna is a navigation app designed to make walking alone through cities at night as safe as possible. Using the concept of a ‘smart city’, Luna gathers local data and uses it to plot the safest route home based on the user’s ideals and contains emergency functionality.
Luna is a navigation app that aims to tackle the fear experienced by those travelling on foot, by night, in unfamiliar areas.
The app uses Smart City data to create routes that avoid poorly lit, isolated areas, and aims to keep users better connected in case of emergency.

The primary goal the of the app is to remove the feelings of stress and vulnerability experienced while walking alone at night.

The theme was takes light-hearted inspiration from space exploration, emboldening users with a sense of adventure and wonder. The first step in doing this was building the app around the animated, illuminated map, which gives the impression of being viewed from space.
The second key factor is feeling as though help is always within reach. The user should experience the feelings of exploration and wonder but unlike in space, they must be able to quickly reach for help.
Luna allows the user to connect to loved ones, share their location, call for help, or simply create a distraction.
User journeys were mapped out and used to test wireframed concepts and Pop prototypes in a variety of situations, before moving to more refined, clickable Axure prototypes.
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