Lush // Shop Windows Don't Work // Experience Marketing

  • Gemma-Lea Goodyer

As a designer I love print almost as much as I love its ability to help me pay my mortgage. But for sustainable brands print media is undeniably high energy and dates quickly; by the time it hits the shelves a product or ingredient will have inevitably have changed. So what about shop windows? It takes an awful lot to grab attention on the high street, so when it comes to windows, it's go big or go home. As with print each display required money, man hours, localisation, print and global delivery to over 50 countries. All in all, it's a massive hoohah. So what do you do with a brand that has a lot to say and a penchant for print? We all love to hold something tactile but it's not 1995 anymore, and this isn't Argos, it's time for a modern take on print marketing that's engaging and connected. Pop to for the full case study.