Lyle and Scott - Brand Refresh / AW16 Lookbooks

  • Joel Kitzmiller

We were brought in to help turn a year-long internal brand strategy journey into something outward facing. Starting with the definition of the brand's new consumer, we helped Lyle and Scott develop a competitive analysis and customer profile that helped unite internal teams and focus our efforts on external facing art direction for the brand. Over the course of 3 months, we overhauled all B2B and B2C visual assets including the production and shooting of both the studio (e-commerce) imagery as well as the on location shoots for use in lookbooks and ATL. We were also responsible for the design and delivery of all lookbooks and sales books.

Lookbook / Campaign Photography
After working with the brand team to establish a new, unified, direction, we produced and shot Lyle and Scott's four lines on location in London. The production and direction was handled by Master, working with Jon Gorrigan to shoot it all. Initially intended for B2B Lookbooks and online use only, the output was eventually pushed to ATL as well.
As a finished product, we designed and managed the delivery for all printed materials. Eight books in total – 4 x Lookbooks and 4 x Sales presenters – plus one insert A1 poster were produced. We introduced a new, more modern typographic system and style guide that was in line with the repositioned audience and colour-coded all books by line to help establish better recognition and delineation before each line season on season.
E-Commerce Photography
As part of the visual overhaul, we helped overhaul art direction and created a styleguide for all e-comm categories. This included the introduction of shooting all looks on models as well as rethinking the way each product was shot and in what style they were shot. The end product resulted in web assets as well as a creative style guideline documents for use on future shoots.