M10 Streetwear brand positioning, identity and campaign

  • Martin Schnabl
  • Kat Ambroziak
  • Sarah Merrett

Creative direction for M10 Streetwear, football legend Mesut Özil’s new clothing label. We created an accessible brand that has subtle links to street and football culture as well to Mesut’s Turkish roots. To us, creating a global brand was not going to be about faceless internationalism, but instead about an authentic cross-cultural outlook with personality. The project also included a PR shoot with Mesut himself, and direction and shoot of the launch campaign. Launch campaign photography @Sarah Merrett, moving image and photography Carcosa Film, styling Kat Ambroziak, HMU Frankie Neal Makeup, talent @aaronfranciis @kristinedzene @jamesxfan at Contact, studio Sunset Studio Peckham, creative direction by me.