Macmillan Cancer Support

  • Ilaria Oberto
During my collaboration with Macmillan Cancer Support I created a digital online branding style guide which embraced a flat, minimal approach to simplify and update their current design. My work included the optimization, through design, of fundraising processes and delivery of information for people affected by cancer.

The digital style guide contains a detailed classification of all the elements used on their multiple websites and includes instructions on responsive behavior for tablet and mobile. Examples of the elements covered are typography, form fields, articles, pods, videos, page architecture, links, menus, search pages and so on.

Sitting in between branding and UX the collaboration also included the realization of micro sites and the extension of the iconography. Specific UX and UI patterns were made day by day accordingly to new challenges while the organization was orienting towards a more web-based approach to communication.

I feel honored to have worked with Macmillan!

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