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  • Jack Brodie

Young people who go through cancer are often well cared for, but what about the ones looking after them? Parents and siblings can struggle with the burden a cancer diagnosis brings just as much as the person going through it. Waiting rooms give Macmillan an early opportunity to speak to families currently affected by cancer. By featuring real life letter-style posters in hospital waiting rooms we can help those in need by showing parents and siblings there are others who have been in their shoes. (This project was prompted by a personal experience with cancer. The stories seen were written by family members. This project was made by people affected by cancer, for people affected by cancer.)

Newspaper wraps on mother's and father's day.
Fliers will be placed in hospital waiting rooms alongside the posters.
"It's hard to escape in here when cancer steals your thoughts."
Macmillan will continue the letters in hospital toilets.
Macmillan will create the In Your Shoes podcast so that the support can continue. It will feature the stories of those affected by cancer and their advice for others going through it.
Supporting the supporters: Each piece of creative ends with a unique link (e.g dads/macmillansupport) which will direct the reader to an online support page.

Here, Macmillan will create online chat rooms dedicated to mums, dads and siblings giving them an outlet to share and be supported by other people who understand what they're going through.

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