Macrotrend: Alternet Economies

  • Alex Hawkins

Alternet Economies – researched and written by myself – is one of The Future Laboratory's three flagship macrotrends for 2021 and beyond. The trend explores the rise of radical digital value systems and alternative virtual economies. Some 30 years after the internet was created, a revolution is upon us. A technological counter-culture is subverting digital capitalism and powering new value frontiers for creators, consumers and brands. A next-generation internet built on decentralised technologies not only promises better user control, but also more competition. In this report, I look at the next chapter of stakeholder capitalism. Instead of simply being used to share information, the internet is now also being used to coordinate value. Within this more equitable version of cyberspace, competitive platforms, currencies and modes of commerce are creating a fluctuating landscape for brands and media. In the Alternet Economies report, I identity trends such as: : Post-social Creators : Direct-to-avatar : Internet-owned Brands : Non-fungible Fabrication