Magazine Launch: Yellowzine 'New Traditions' issue Exhibition and Launch Party

  • Aisha Ayoade

Yellowzine is hosting a launch party for it's fourth issue, 'New Traditions'. Get your ticket and come and shake a leg with us!

Yellowzine is a cultural magazine that aims to respond to societies’ marginalisation of artists of the diaspora by creating its own space. The magazine offers a democratic platform that gives equal space to a wide range of voices, experiences and aesthetic preferences within the African, Caribbean and Asian diaspora in the UK. This exhibition is in celebration of the fourth issue launch, and will present a collection of works by artists included in this most recent issue - New Traditions. The 21st century has presented an art renaissance. The New Traditions issue is a call to the pioneers of our time. Those diverging away from the traditions before them and building their own. From collage artists, to illustrators, audio-visual artists and photographers - we are celebrating artists across many mediums, who are starting a new era. Exhibiting Artists: Esai Asiaw Haseebah Ali Sabah Foster Sinae Park Shamara Roper Karis Beaumont Zethu Maseko DJs Ella DHC Nooru Adesuwa Performances by: lanaire aderemi Akachi Priscilla Mbakwe

Join us: