• Sam Hendi

MAGNANIMOUS. A rare breed of masculine triumphalism. MAGNANIMOUS tells a beguilingly abstract story set in a dreamlike world where time is frozen. We meet a young man and delve into his deepest psychological nuances, including his sexual fantasies and his perception of his own masculinity. The films studies the connections and physical attraction between men through body language. Contains explicit content. Created by Sam Hendi MEN: Gerard Floyd Gerrard Woodward Christopher Cragg Martin Bullock Pearse Egan Cassio Pieroni Trevisani Louis Kwong Sam Hendi Photography by Louis Kwong Produced by Sam Hendi Screenings & Awards: . QX Online Premiere (08/12/2016) . Screened at XXL London (London) (31/12/2016) . Screened at Q19 Film Festival (Fort Worth,Texas) (11/03/2017) . Manhattan Digest Premiere (24/04/2017) . Instinct Magazine Online Premiere (21/11/2017)