• Crispian Rodger

I created this project in the 2nd year of my University course. I was fascinated with the idea of influence, specifically how the internet could influence people’s behaviour and start trends. The best example of this was the ALS Ice bucket challenge. I therefore wanted to begin by own online social trend similar to the ALS ice bucket challenge but I wanted the challenge to improve the lives of the people who took part. The challenge was therefore a simple one which was to put down your phone and do something that would make your life awesome. I personally feel that too many people spend time on social media, looking at other peoples lives, but do very little to improve their own lives in the way they want. And so, to try and fix this problem, I created a social media campaign trying to create a social media trend that would paradoxically, get people off social media and out into the real world.

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    Oxford Brookes University