Malena Zavala, La Yarará Album Art Work, Yucatan Records

  • Sophia Katyea
  • Sofía Boriosi

"The Yarará is a viper that originates from northern Argentina (where Malena was born) and the surrounding areas of Paraguay and Brazil. All the locals know not to go near it as it is very dangerous. It’s also used as a jokey diss to sassy women." “La Yarará” (pronounced: /La-ja-ra-rah/) will be released on the 17th of April 2020. This shoot was co-ordinated to produce the final cover art for Malena Zavala's second album. Co-creative directed with Sofia Boriosi and styled by me, the shot selected for the album artwork particularly reflects Malena's reconnection with her Latin roots. The set design incorporates traditional Argentinian decor and food, while the styling maintains a Latin flare with a contemporary twist. The styling seen here went on to heavily influenced the looks used in Malena's music video for her single 'En La Noche'.