Sofía Boriosi

Sofía Boriosi

Photographer & DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Sofía Boriosi

Sofía Boriosi

Photographer & DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
  • Superheart - Heaven's In Your Head (Live at AIR Studios)
    Superheart - Heaven's In Your Head (Live at AIR Studios)
    LA YARARÁ MUSIC VIDEO"Malena Zavala has shared her new single 'La Yarará'. An inspired piece of left-field pop, the track is shot through with venom, taking its name from a poisonous snake in Northern Argentina. It's also a subtle take-down of the boxes women are placed in by patriarchal society, with the title also being a slang phrase for a women who shows too much attitude or personality. Out now, the single features on Malena's incoming album, and it's gained a superb video from director Sofia Boriosi. Sofia com
  • Vietnam - a journey in 35mm
    Vietnam - a journey in 35mmPentax K1000 Fuji Superia 400 Kodak Ultramax 400
  • FIRE - MAVICA (Music video)
    FIRE - MAVICA (Music video)Music Video for the single Fire, by Mavica. Directed by Sofía Boriosi. Starring: Marta Casanova, Claudia Serna, Andrea Susarrey, Pippa Sarrat, Kailene Grey. Photos by Sofía Boriosi.
  • CROSSED OUT dance film
    CROSSED OUT dance filmCROSSED OUT (2016) arises from the need to denounce the censorship of the female body in social networks, which creates a ridiculously differentiation between sexes and detaches both the body and the art from its essence. As artists, we consider that the human body should be treated equally, without discrimination for being a female or male body.
  • Portraits
    PortraitsSome portraits shot on film
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  • Malena Zavala, La Yarará Album Art Work, Yucatan Records
    Malena Zavala, La Yarará Album Art Work, Yucatan Records"The Yarará is a viper that originates from northern Argentina (where Malena was born) and the surrounding areas of Paraguay and Brazil. All the locals know not to go near it as it is very dangerous. It’s also used as a jokey diss to sassy women." “La Yarará” (pronounced: /La-ja-ra-rah/) will be released on the 17th of April 2020. This shoot was co-ordinated to produce the final cover art for Malena Zavala's second album. Co-creative directed with Sofia Boriosi and styled by me, the shot select
  • Round Midnight - Online Story
    Round Midnight - Online StoryCapturing moment, giving priority to the binary static- motion relationship between strict space immobility and natural, fluid, living shapes of bodies and garments.In that sense, my photography appreciates beauty from a romantic perspective and exhibits the subject with the freedom to explore the personality.
  • Sports Team - The Races
    Sports Team - The RacesCasting matrimonial chaos for Sports Team & Agile Films. Directed by Lily Rose Thomas Produced by India Bradshaw
    ADIDAS X INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAYShort online content for Adidas
  • Feeling Blue, Vogue Italia
    Feeling Blue, Vogue ItaliaAbout the project Melanie Gaydos conquers the depression in this epic editorial inspired by Picasso’s blue period and Van Gogh’s paintings. Photographed and Art directed by Eliška Kyselková. Team Credits Photography, art direction and production by Eliška Kyselková Styling by Wilona Wenzhuo Lin Set design by Lydia Chan, set design assistant Malena Mcqarrie Makeup by Gregory Kara Hair by Michael Moon Bodypainting and makeup for dancers by Katrine Roberts Custom body piece on Melanie Gaydos by Kek
  • Skipper
    SkipperShort Film/Drama Directed by Sigurd Kølster and produced by Ed Fairweather Camera: Alexa Plus w/ Canon K35 lenses
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