Mander Centre, Wolverhampton (UK) Mural

  • Patrick Campbell-Brookes
  • Fynn Riseborough
  • Daniel Turner
  • Nayia Balatsou

while studying at the University of Wolverhampton, we had the opportunity to create a large flowing mural for the Mander Centre, Wolverhampton for their new temporary arcade installation. The goal of the mural was to create a flowing mural that was eye catching and went well alongside the arcade to grab the attention of all demographics and pull people into the arcade installation.

Image showing the entire wall + Water fountain

Artists work from left to right: Daniel Turner, Hannah James, Nayia Balatsou, Patrick Campbell-Brookes, Fynn Riseborough
Daniel Turners water fountain design
Hannah James & Nayia Balatsou's part of the mural
Patrick Campbell-Brookes' part of the mural
Fynn Riseborough's part of the mural
Hannah James & Nayia Balatsou's part to the mural
Patrick Campbell-Brookes part to the mural
Fynn Riseborough's part to the the mural