March 4 Water

  • Alan Gardiner
  • Geraldine Clermont
  • Georgie Lord

WaterAid's first ever virtual walking fundraising challenge, where we challenged people to walk further than usual during March, in solidarity with those who have no choice but to walk to collect water. Participants were given blue laces to put into their shoes and we asked to share their progress by posting shoelace selfies on social media. We also provided participants with a distance tracker wall chart and other resources to help record their progress, fundraise. and share the challenge with their family, friends and colleagues. We utilised photos, stop motion gifs and videos in a multi-channel marketing strategy with myself and colleagues modelling in all shoots. Launched in 2019 as a Minimum Viable Product project, March for Water proved very successful with the public and corporates. So it has now been expanded into a challenge that can be taken on at any time of year with a challenge-specific website and extra resources planned for 2020.