Marshmallow Insurance

  • Elliott Starr (he/ him)
Insurance is a price-driven category, where old is a proxy for reliable. Oh, and aggregators like MoneySuperMarket reduce brands to the size of a postage stamp. For a challenger like Marshmallow to break through they had to look almost nothing like a traditional insurance brand, whilst ramming their name into people's prefrontal cortexes. The solution lay in vintage cars and 53,200 pink marshmallows.

The campaign created £2.9m in direct revenue from paid search, and the click-through rate from aggregators more than quadrupled. It also received 2 Shortlists at Kinsale Sharks, and 3 Official Selections at Berlin Commercial Awards.

ECD: Will Thacker
Creative Collaboration: Joel Claude, Alice Shedd, Cathryn Carey
Design: Rory Stiff, Casey Highfield
Assorted Press: Campaign, The Drum, LBB Online, Ads of the World.

To set the bar for our OOH campaign, we saved the copy about policies and premiums for further down the conversion funnel, and asked ourselves 'What would someone share a photo of?'
We wrote localised OOH for Bristol:
And Edinburgh:
Save the nerdy details til' last - we even wrote and designed the menu cards for the drive-thru film:
A selection of campaign photography: