• Gretel Keyte

Generations of families have built Martini to what it is today. For over 150 years they have put their stamp on Italian culture and shared it with the world. However, when most people think of Martini, they don’t think of much, apart from maybe James Bond…

the work.

We created an advocacy programme for Martini Ambassadors, covering three main product offers - vermouth, bitter and sparkling wines - highlighting the vibrancy, complexity and history of each liquid, the company as a whole, and the future. The programme will be used to educate top tier customers, and help bring the story of Martini to life.

I created brand new key messaging for Martini; an extensive education framework for each product offering; comprising of an immersive event (either a full 60 minutes, 30 minutes of 15 minutes) complete with script, an extensive timeline to be used within the sessions, focusing on the history of Martini as a company and key dates for each product offering, tasting mats, botanical mats and take home fact cards.

Martini’s Master Herbalist, Ivano Tonoutti, travels all corners of the world, finding exciting and rare botanicals alongside suppliers whose quality and practices live up to Martini’s high standards. We showcased a number of these botanicals using a botanicals mat, where participants of the session would be able to smell, taste and see where they have come from.

At the end of each session, participants are invited to taste each expression of liquid from the product offering. In this example we can see the Vermouth tasting mat, with all seven of Martini’s Vermouth range.