McDonald's: The Ultimate World Cup Tray

  • Drew Collins
  • Jack Edmonds
"The UNILAD partnership for McDelivery exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and engagement. It was the first time we’d done a media partnership with UNILAD Group and it was their idea to use Insta-polls as part of a campaign, another first for us, which delivered amazing reach and votes to create the McDelivery tray. With well over a million views of our main video, it smashed KPIs and delivered a great ROI for McDonald’s. The team were incredibly efficient, developing a brilliant creative for us and taking on board feedback. Hugely collaborative and responsive, looking forward to working with them on another amazing campaign in the near future!"
McDonald's wanted to engage with an audience that are more inclined to watch the World Cup at home, as opposed to a bar in order to promote McDelivery leading up to the tournament. They also wanted to research what people valued the most when it came to a winning McDelivery, so we decided to take a unique approach to meet this brief.
What better way to engage our audience than to run a series of Instagram Stories, asking our audience what features they'd most like to see when making the ultimate McDonald’s tray. Over a series of seven frames people joined in on the debate through polls to decide their Maccie’s must-haves, choosing from features such as a burger heating zone, drinks stabiliser, whistle, stress ball, phone charger and fan.
Once the votes had been counted and decided, we chose to bring the ultimate McDelivery tray to life, showcase it to our audience and give 5 lucky people the chance to win what they had helped to design.