Within the wider cultural context of "wellness", in recent years we have witnessed the rise of two trends that have dramatically effected the consumer's relationship with sports brands.
The rise of Athleisure made it socially acceptable and common for females to wear sports shoes in social settings, while "wearables" has help perpetuate the idea that a health and wellbeing is a lifestyle choice not a part-time pursuit.
Culture's fixation on health has attracted a new cohort of consumer to gravitate towards sports brands. Female millennials no longer consider fitness apparel to be essential items in their wardrobe. Keeping fit and healthy is daily pursuit and is something that influences every facet of their lives - from what they eat to what the do with their friends on the weekend. So what is the world's leading sports brand doing to engage with these new cohort of consumer? 
Nike are not doing enough to engage these females. Their current Youtube campaign #betterforit  speaks to some of these women and is a brilliant example of engaging content marketing but there is no clear call to action. 
Nike has always wanted to be recognised as an elite sports brand - the brand that is worn by the world's best athletes .To that end it has avoid truly adopting its role within the world of fashion. But embracing these new usage behaviours is not a departure form what the brand has always stood for. By championing this new type of athlete Nike is future proofing its current position with the sportswear category. 
Firstly, Nike need to understand why these women are wearing sportswear everywhere and anywhere. For these women, it is not fashionable to wear sports clothes, rather "Fitness is fashionable." They desire for physical exertion and the fast-paced nature of their lifestyles means they requires the appropriate clothing and footwear. For sportswear is as much for function as it is for function.​
Secondly, wearables popularised the belief that every movement counts. Nike has been a pioneer in this space since the launch of its fuel band in the early noughties and it its making strides to bolster its position with its recent partnership with Apple Watch. 
Walking to walk, running for the bus, even strolling across the office counts as physical exercise.Once confined to specific environments and activities  like the gym or the running track, exercise is now something that can be done anywhere.
The cultural trend speaks directly to brand's core belief that "If you have a body, you are an athlete." Playing in this space is therefore true to the brand's DNA. The onus is then on Nike to encourage this individuals to take it their fitness to the next level.​
Finally, this is a unique opportunity to reaffirm the  the malleable interpretation of  "Just Do It."​ The tagline can interpreted beyond its literal meaning giving each individual the scope to interpret it on a personal level. Over the years this unique trait has helped consumers to establish a personal and lasting connection with the brand. Similarly, the #meandmynikes campaign will help these women to foster this imitate connection with the Nike by allowing them to create their own brand narrative.
The aim of the campaign:
GET - 20 - 35 Females millennials
TO - become loyal Nike customers
BY - encouraging them to share what their individual brand story on social media using the hashtag #meandmynikes.

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