Media Arts Final Project

Strategy, Design, Photography
The brief: For our degree show my course (32 people) had to work as a team to create brand identity and all the necessary materials for ad campaigns. I was the product manager of the digital team and our task was to create a website to represent the works of each one of us. 
​The response: The final works of each student were categorized into one of the three sections represented via colour,  which gave me grounds to help visualise the individual and his work.Me and my friend from university collaborated on an experimental project working with Processing and kinect camera. We took portraits of each colleague using Kinect Depth Image to create a distance threshold. It turned out to be a real challenge as it was really hard to calculate the right distance so that we have the most detail in our project. I think the final result was satisfying as it was different to all the degree showcases before us.

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Meylin Bayryamali

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