Meet Tom Foley, Monotype’s new creative type director

  • Kevin Arulrajah

Since July, Monotype has had a new face in its London studio – creative type director Tom Foley. With seven years at foundry Dalton Maag under his belt, Tom now leads Monotype’s Studio team in London at a crucial time for type, as VR and AV technology push it to its limits.

Interestingly Tom Foley became a type designer almost by accident, after choosing to write about Irish type design history for his MA, and then producing a few typefaces in response. In love with the craft, he decided to make a go of it professionally and his first proper typeface, Nib, was later used on Irish Heritage plaques. Not bad going for a beginner.
Just as technology changes at an ever-increasing pace, the type that it uses has to evolve in step, posing new and exciting challenges for type designers like Tom. To welcome this talented creative into the fold and find out a bit more about his background and new role, we caught up with Tom to chat about everything from age-old stone masonry to cutting-edge VR. Here he is in his own words…
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