Meeting Rooms

  • Olivia Whittingham
  • Loren Daye
  • Kingsley Boateng
Meeting Rooms — The 7th Floor is a patchwork of meeting spaces that work as well for banquets as they do for board meetings. Wide windows flood the place with sunlight — dolling out views of Shoreditch and greater London. Besides the 100 Room and the Britannia, the floor's home to the Griffin and Empire rooms (886 and 721 square feet, respectively) plus the economical Bower (391 square feet) and Stingo (424 square feet) spaces — each named with reverence to the East End's rich theatrical heritage. All spaces are equipped with state-of-the-art teleconferencing systems, WiFi, multi-zone audio and portable projection screens, digital projectors with Mac and PC inputs or flatscreen TVs.